General Performer Application

This application covers All of the Different Festivals and Events for which TN Events & Zia Music Production chooses and coordinates the entertainment, including but not limited to:

The Franklin Jazz Festival - TBA  2020 - Downtown Franklin, Franklin, TN
Bellevue Picnic - May 16th, 2020 - Bellevue Middle School, Bellevue, TN
Franklin on the Fourth - July 4th, 2020 - Historic Downtown Franklin, Franklin, TN

 Application is open to all groups regardless of size, style, age, race, or religion.  Please take into consideration that many of these are family events when you are choosing your attire and material to perform.  Also, volume is also always to be taken into consideration and will be enforced.  Many municipalities have recently passed sound ordinances and they have notified us of their sound concerns. 

To be considered for a performance slot, with the application below also please submit the following:

1) A picture of the group or individual
2) A CD or DVD that is representative of your group’s performance.  (If you have one)
3) A location and time of local performance so that your group may be observed by somebody on the selection committee.
4) A web site that includes current photos or video and sound clips of the group.
5) A location and time of local performance that your group may be observed by somebody on the selection committee.

     Festivals happen rain or shine. If the rain stops and there is still a reasonable amount of time left for set up and perform, be prepared to play.  If it looks like things won’t clear up before the end of your performance you can leave.  If you have CD’s or any other merchandise, you are allowed to sell them from the stage or after your performance.  
          100% of your merchandise sales are yours.
If you are a band or performer and wish to be involved please complete all the sections below.
By filling out this form you are expressing a wish to be involved in festivals, concerts and special events that are produced by Zia Music Production, LLC & TN Events.
     Note:  This does not guarantee a performance spot.  All applications are evaluated by different committees that include TN event staff & the different buyers/non profit agencies that are being represented and sponsoring the specific event.

     All materials submitted become the property of Zia Music Production, LLC and will not be returned but will be kept on file to be used for consideration for future festivals, concerts, and events.

All applicants must fill out the application form below to be considered.  If you need to mail in pictures or CD's please send them to: 

Performance Application Committee 
PO Box 140835
Nashville, TN 37214


Produced by Zia Music Production,LLC